Body Butter Papaya Passiflora 350 ml

Body Butter Papaya Passiflora 350 ml

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Smells So Good, It’s Unbelievable!

This aromatic coconut vanilla body butter is everything your skin needs and so much more! It’s like butter except it’s for the skin and is perfectly capable of keeping the body moisturized all day long without any residue. This body butter doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient but is enriched with rich natural oils as well as dead sea mineral and vitamins A & E.

Get even, glowing skin!

 Take advantage of this luxurious body butter and reap the skin softening benefits of Shea butter combined with rejuvenating properties of honey and mineral oils! With amazing ingredients capable of fading out stretch marks and evening out your skin tone – this body butter leaves your skin so irresistibly soft, it’ll have tongues wagging in no time. 

Awaken your skin

Our aromatic coconut vanilla body butter can be used any time during the year but will be extra useful in harsh winter months because cold weather can dry out the skin and leave it chapped, rough, cracked and even flaky. This body butter moisturizes your skin, ensuring you have a skin that’s smooth, clear, soft and glows youthfully.